Richard Andrew McDade

A creative leader creating user-centric digital experiences for startups and Fortune 500 companies. I also ran a consulting practice focusing on experience design, Digital brand development, and digital marketing. 

Clients: Sports illustrated, Microsoft, Samsung, Starbucks, T-Mobile, Google, and more.

• Interaction design, user-centered experience design, brand development, digital marketing
• Creative leadership and team building. 
• Branding, Mobile design, Marketing, Advertising, and UX/UI.

Jabari Adisa / UX Director @Moxie
Richard is a remarkably talented and personable Creative Director. He came on board at Razorfish and immediately jumped in to assert himself as a designer who can also speak user experience. He's got his finger firmly on the pulse of modern trends and seems to alway know what's 'next'.

His ability to craft a good idea, his willingness to take risks, and his investment in the final product is an enviable mix of strategic thinking and tactical execution. This is the kind of Creative leadership you want in your team. This is a person with whom I'd love to work again.
Melvin Lewis Hale / Creative Director, Experience Design @Google
Richard is a gifted creative! Full of ideas, Richard has a variety of solutions and methods to ensure the best possible product/idea/design is brought to light. He always has a positive outlook and is good at organizing and bringing people together. He has no problem communicating his ideas to a team or presenting campaign concepts to a client. Richard's attention to the brand and it's identity is personified in his own everyday image. Richard is no slacker, his composure is professional and assertive. If you're looking a creative leader, look no further than Richard McDade.
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